What is the Affiliate Marketing Course that Changed Your Life?

What is the Affiliate Marketing Course that Changed Your Life?

Click on the link below to discover the #1 skill to making money with affiliate marketing. What do you think it is?


Hey, today I’m going to share what is the affiliate marketing course that changed my life. The short answer is one that helped me with how to promote affiliate offers to my list, email marketing, copywriting, how to find the right offers and really most of the stuff that is not sexy.

I’ve taken many different courses in this business. Traffic course, seo, paid traffic but the most important stuff is on the backend. It’s what you don’t see.

There is also this theory that courses are bullshit, you don’t need a course. You can just experiment yourself and figure it out.

You can Google the topic and of course learn it yourself. They are both right to some extent. However, the reason courses cost money is your learning from someone’s else’s mistakes and frustrations.

You could experiment yourself and make all the mistake and frustrations. The problem is it would take you much longer and there is more of chance of quitting before you hit success.

Another big thing about courses is something called Skin in the Game. I’m actually almost done reading a book called “Skin in the Game” and it’s really good.

Basically, nobody cares about anything if they don’t have skin in the game. It’s the same with training.

When you put down money for a course, you take the material more seriously and you are more into it. The reason why is because you have skin in the game.

The biggest problem with courses is someone’s ego. I’m not perfect either. You have to swallow your pride to learn from someone better than you.

Some people have a problem doing that. I did for a long time. The whole thing about being self-made is complete horse poop. Nobody is self-made, they got help from either some person or something.

Education and training or just tools. If you don’t use them then of course it’s not going to help. Also if you spend too much money for the tool that could be bad too. Just look at some college educations that are highly overpriced.

Back to my answer it’s not really 1 course I recommend it’s more of 1 person and his philosophy. The philosophy just works for affiliate marketing.

I was very skeptical, but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, so I experimented with his approached and it just worked.

Could I have learned this on my own, I honestly don’t think so. Being smart is just swallowing your pride and getting the right help, when you need it.

I hope this helps. When it comes to affiliate marketing, how you promote offers and what you promote is where most of the money is made in the business. Sure, you have to have traffic, but I would make the case that the backend stuff is more important, especially if you are just starting out.

Traffic doesn’t mean anything if you can’t turn it into money.

If you want to know who this person is just click on the link below or go to http://www.trustthelink.com/. Your comments and feedback is always appreciated and welcome. Bye for now.

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