What Is Affiliate Marketing? And How Does It Work? Beginners Tutorial (2020)

What Is Affiliate Marketing? And How Does It Work? Beginners Tutorial (2020)

If you’re asking what is affiliate marketing? And How Does It Work? Then click here https://yourbusinessleads.com/internet-marketing-live-intro and keep watching. Because in this affiliate marketing tutorial video I’m going to explain what affiliate marketing is in this affiliate marketing for beginners guide. And how it really does work to produce financial freedom. The OBAZ YouTube channel is dedicated to showing people the best way for online business from A to Z and affiliate marketing plays a big part.

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I am an affiliate marketer but I’m not here to tell you how great I am or how much money I make or what car I drive or the big house I live in…No, No, No.

This is about showing you how affiliate marketing will work for you and to answer your question.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s products or services. From huge companies like Amazon to one band bands that have a great product or service to promote.
Basically you find a product or service that a lot of people will want, you then promote it and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. This can be anywhere from 3 or 4 per cent up to 100 per cent.
As an affiliate marketer you can reach consumers worldwide, at every part of their purchase journey, both on and offline. It is no wonder that it is one of the most popular ways for individuals to make money online.
I have found affiliate marketing has given me a life of freedom, in that I can work anywhere in the world. Without any real overheads. Provided I have an internet connection I am good to go.

But this is not about my lifestyle, It’s about you and answering your question of What Is affiliate Marketing?

This is what affiliate marketing is … the ability to make money online quickly.

Having said that not all affiliate marketers make money online and the reason they fail is because they fail to follow a proven and tested system.

They try to wing it, or try to be like somebody else.
Affiliate marketing is basically referring people online to products and services that are not your own. And then receiving Commission when those people buy.

Some affiliate work hard and long to make money constantly inventing new ways to sell or finding new products to promote.

I prefer to work smart and offer evergreen product and services that are always in demand. I also go for items that will pay me over and over again for one piece of work. And then on top of that I also get paid on other people’s work.

Amazon Associates is the largest in terms of affiliate programs because it offers an affiliate status to just about anyone and it also has the widest range of products available. However the commission rates are very small so you have to look at selling big ticket items or making a lot of sales.

As an affiliate you need to think about generating smart passive income. And that is what I want to show you how to do.

Your question shouldn’t be what is affiliate marketing but what is the best affiliate marketing program to be involved in?

I want to answer that for you. And I do when you click on the link below this video.

The thing that makes affiliate marketing work is the power of the internet and the power of scale. As an affiliate marketer the world is your marketplace. And everyone in it who has an internet connection is a possible customer.

Affiliate marketing if done right is more than just a numbers game and it’s very simple. It’s people who want to appear smart that complicate it. I want to show you behind the scenes of how affiliate marketing actually works in the real world. And how individuals just like you are using it to
generate large amounts of money.

If you have any questions about affiliate marketing feel free to leave a comment below or contact me via the link.

What is affiliate marketing? It’s a vehicle to wealth and living the life of your dreams. If you want it, then start with turning $50 into $2000+ in 30 days. Follow the step-by-step proven and tested plan for success in your own affiliate marketing businesses.

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Yes you can learn a way to earn a significant income online by promoting in demand products or services. It’s not too good to be true. Thousands are doing it. Lose your doubt and learn what affiliate marketing is from someone who does it every day. All you need is a desire to learn and be successful.
What is affiliate marketing? It’s the power to change your life.

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