Send A Weekly Email Newsletter! | The Importance Of Email Marketing

Send A Weekly Email Newsletter! | The Importance Of Email Marketing


Are you sending a weekly email newsletter to your prospects? In this video, I discuss the importance of email marketing for making sales and building your business. I explain the psychology behind frequent, consistent communication, and I talk about why email is perfect for relationship-based sales.

Primacy, recency, and frequency – these are the three critical elements of communication. The primacy effect dictates that we’re influenced by the first thing we hear about any given subject. The recency effect says we’re influenced by the last, or most recent, thing we hear. Frequency is important because repetition works – the more often we hear something, the more we remember it and respond to it.

You may be thinking, “Is it pestering people to send a weekly email?” Frequent communication builds trust. You’re always there – not just when you want something, but at the exact moment someone needs you.

This is the importance of email marketing: It lets you be consistent and predictable. And if you’re
familiar and available, you’re also approachable. Prospects feel comfortable coming to you with

Here are the three main reasons you should send email newsletters:

– The way you write is the way you think. Your emails help people get to know you.
– If you can write emails, you can create videos; emails are more difficult.
– Emails wear well over time. They give you more SEO bang for your buck.

When your weekly email newsletter shows up in people’s inboxes, it’s like you’ve made a deposit into your own bank account. You may have forgotten about former clients or last year’s leads, but they won’t forget about you. Being present and ready when people get ready to buy – that’s the importance of email marketing.

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