How To Win At Pay Per Click Advertising In 2020! – PPC Trends

How To Win At Pay Per Click Advertising In 2020! – PPC Trends

Today Sam is talking about how he plans on winning over his competition using Pay Per Click Advertising in 2020! And how you can too!

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Right now the world is rapidly changing, and that goes double, or even triple for any digital industry. Pay Per Click Advertising is constantly innovating and while the basic rule of “You Pay Per Click” will always be around, the way you play the game has changed immensely.

These days you have Smart Campaigns with Google Machine Learning bidding for you, competitors for Google, who has the largest market share are popping up constantly with new and better approaches such as Amazon Pay Per Click or Pinterest or Facebook ads, people are searching differently, and gone are the days of reading now we consume more video than ever.


0:20 – Context
1:25 – First Trend: Smart Shopping
4:35 – First Trend: Key Takeaways
5:26 – Second Trend: New PPC Platforms
6:57 – Second Trend: Key Takeaways
7:22 – Third Trend: Voice Search
8:34 – Fourth Trend: Video

The PPC Trends of 2020 have already started, so here’s what you need to know to get ahead of your competition and don’t worry we will also explain what you need to do! We don’t do tips without action here at Matter!

So that’s what we’re going to be doing today, talking PPC, CPC, and all the different platforms you can use to target people.

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