how to mini series video marketing part 1 stoke-on-trent

how to mini series video marketing part 1 stoke-on-trent

how to mini series video marketing part 1 stoke-on-trent Local business video digitla marketing services agency

You are going to see five ways video marketing can grow your business and boost sales and conversions.

1. Video can improve SEO.

HubSpot’s research showed that 65 percent of business executives

polled said they visit a marketer’s website after viewing a branded

video. This shows that high-quality video content that boosts viewer

engagement and piques consumer interest can drive traffic to your

website. This is crucial because traffic and click-through rates are

major Google ranking factors. Therefore, the more traffic and clicks

your site’s videos get, the higher your site will rank in the search

engine results pages (SERPs).

With Google getting better and better at machine learning, the search

engine can now recognize thousands of image elements within a

video. Google’s Video Intelligence API can catalog relevant keywords

in a video, which could give you a huge SEO advantage.

Video also helps SEO because it is responsive across multiple devices.

As various video platforms like Youtube and Vimeo adjust to multiple

screen sizes and are optimized for mobile devices,
you can reach a wider audience.

With Google’s algorithms increasingly prioritizing pages with video

content in search results, it’s especially important that businesses

adopt videos as part of their digital marketing strategy.

For your own video SEO efforts, be sure to: Keep videos short.

Videos under two minutes long get the most engagement. So it’s

important to get your point across in the shortest amount of time. A

four-minute video can still work well. But anything longer could lose

you significant viewership.

Transcribe your video script. When you transcribe text from sound in

your video, Google bots can crawl your content with more accuracy.

This makes it more likely your site will be featured in a wide variety

of internet searches.

Optimize videos. Adding relevant titles, subtext, descriptions
and meta tags can also help search engine bots

crawl your video efficiently.

Create high-quality thumbnails. Creating eye-catching thumbnails can

grab the attention of searchers,

and thus increase your click-through rates.

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